Robbie Klanderman (Sonic Rendezvous)  

1.   James McMurtry             Childish Things                             Compadre Records
2.   T-99                                   Cherrystone Park                         Sonic RendezVous
3.   John Hiatt                         Master of Disaster                       New West
4.   Cary & Cockrell               Begonias                                       YepRoc
5.   Johnny Hickman              Palmhenge                                     Compstove
6.   Chatham County Line      Route 23                                        YepRoc
7.   David Olney                     Migration                                       Loudhouse
8.   Frank Carillo                    Bad Out There                              Jezebel
9.   Collin Herring                  The Other Side of Kindness         Self Release
10. Stace England                  Greetings from Cairo, Illinois       Gnashville