Stace England

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Bill Palmer"Hello In Free America"Burn (Frogville Records)/ Dr. Frogville's Essential Musical Dose For The Heart, Mind & Critical Ear (Frogville Records)
Steven Clawson"You Bring Me Back"Southern Soul (Reflection Records)
Amilia K. Spicer"Moving Mountains"Various Artists - Songs For A Better Planet (Self-Released,
Ad VanderVeen w/ Kersten De Ligny"Life's A River"Fields Of Plenty (Sonic RendezVous)
Stace England w/ Jason Ringenberg"Prosperity Train"Greetings From Cairo, llinois (Gnashville Sounds Records/Sonic RendezVous)
Hundred Year Flood"Peach Blossom"Cavalier (Frogville Records)
Fussy"Surely Like The Rain"Surely Like The Rain (Self-Released,
Quagmyre"The Dark Island"Of Cabbages And Kings (Self-Released,
Shelby Lynne"Johnny Met June"Suit Yourself (Capitol Records)
Johnny Cash"West Canterbury Subdivision Blues"Silver (Columbia Records)
The Barnshakers - live"Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby"EP Twenty-One (Goofin' Records)
Porsche Diesel"Seven High"EP Junior (Self-Released)
Inger Nordstrom n'her Rhinestone Band"Cajun Darling"It's That Thing (Comstock Records)
Billy Yates"Harmony Man"Harmony Man (Self-Released, / Sampler M-T-M # 12 (Mark Trail Music)
John Prine"Bear Creek Blues"Various Artists - The Unbroken Circle (Dualtone/Bertus) / Fair & Square (O Boy)
Ray Mason"I've Seen A Ghost"Old School (Captivating Music)
Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks w/ Jimmy Buffett"Barstool Boogie"Selected Shorts (Surfdog/Suburban)
Lisa Redford"Fell On Hard Times"Lost Again (Self-Released,
Durwood Haddock"Many Tears Ago"I Remember Jenny Lou Carson (Eagle International Records)
Glenn Honeycutt & The Poor Boys"Saturday Night"Mr. All Night Rock (Rhythm Bomb Records)
Terence Martin"Hank Williams"Lost Hills (Good Dog Records)
Ronnie Jay Wheeler"Jackhammer John"All Over The Map (Alleged Iguana Music)
Marti Brom"A-11"Heartache Numbers (Goofin' Records)
Jimmy Ryan & Hayride, Gospel Shirt - Live Bonustracks (Hi-N-Dry):
        "Gov't Johnny McKee"
        "Baby Down"
        "Fire Escape"
JP Jones"Long Haul"Thugs And Lovers (Vision Company Records)