The world of streaming music has upended the business models of all musicians and bands, with both large and small audiences. We're primarily interested in people hearing our music and not fretting about revenue. As most band revenue is received at live shows in the form of CD/LP sales and merchandise, and we're not usually touring, physical CD sales are no longer a major goal.

You can listen to all eight releases by Stace England at all the major streaming sites including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube music and so on. Go out there and give them a listen. We do get small revenue from these streams.

Screen Syndicates's new album, Roberta Stars in the Big Doll House is out on all the major streaming sites as well. Find it on YouTube Music here.

The Red Hills Music Collective's new album, Greetings From Lawrence County Illinois is out on all the major streaming sites. Find it on YouTube Music here.

The best place to buy a physical CD is at, or by emailing me directly at and we'll set you up. All CDs are just $10 when purchased directly from me. Most of our CDs have lovingly crafted booklets and liners notes which add a great deal to the listening experience. We miss being able to provide that content in the streaming world.

Thanks to everyone for your amazing support over the years!